APOT, The Association of Organic Producers of Turrialba


Who are we?

APOT, Asociacion de Productores Organicos de Turrialba

Apot’s beginning

The association of organic producers of Turrialba was founded in 1998 thanks to 28 producers concerned with values like dignity in land labor and the promotion of an environment-friendly development.


APOT is an association of producers specialized in organic products (Bio) whose mission is to defend the rights of the farmers and to promote the development of an environment-friendly agriculture.

General objective

Look after the organization, education and promotion of alternatives for environment-friendly products or organic products that allow the rational use of the land and thus develop the commercialization of these products and increment economic growth and the quality of life of the people in the region.

Specific objectives

1. Bring to the small farmer of Turrialba the proper space for their education and formation in order to facilitate the learning processes of organic agriculture and environment protection.
2. Generate production alternatives that allow the families who are in the organization to put into practice the knowledge acquired in techniques and production of organic products.
3. Establish commerce networks for the organic products in order to improve the quality of life of the affiliated families.




APOT considers the development of human resources as a central point given the important challenge that businesses are facing in such a competitive and globalized market and where regulations are filled with bureaucracy.

The training and education aren’t anything else but investment and business strategy. This happens due to the influence they have in important fields such as productivity, quality, planning, growth… Therefore, APOT has a program with a wide variety of resources that focus not only on the affiliated producers but also on the managers in the association and on the public.



The main subjects developed are:

- Basic principles in organic agriculture
- Fertilizer production
- Pest and disease control and management
- Crop production
- Basic principles in corporate management and accounting
- Norms, certifications, internal systems of control.

On the other hand, for the producers to have a sample lot, APOT has demonstration modules of the production of organic products since June 2009 in the farm Monteclaro where the beneficiadero was established in 2007.


Industrialization of the organic coffee

APOT has its own ecological coffee beneficiado. The infrastructures were shaped in a way that allow environment-friendly technologies such as a collecting system of rain water, water recycling systems, the optimization the use of honeys for the feeding of cattle or the use of African beds and solar drying machines for the coffee to dry.
We still miss a static drying machine and the construction of a high capacity storage room in order to keep the coffee in appropriate conditions.


In addition to that, by roasting the coffee in its own beneficiado, APOT managed to give an added value to the products and to show that several stages in the industrialization chain could be erased, even though it requires the change for a bigger drying machine.

APOT is working on the elaboration of a biodigestor as well which aim is to reduce the impact of the produced waste on the environment and thereby save expensive energies (light and gas above all). That way, the coffee wastes (honeys, black waters…) could be used to produce the biogas required for the beneficiado’s working.

APOT is looking for funds for the establishment of grinders, peelers of coffee and toasters in the indigenous communities so as to facilitate the transportation of the coffee and improve its quality.


Industrialization of the organic banana

APOT is working on the implementation of a new plant for the processing of organic banana produced by the partners.
The aim is to give an added value to the banana production by making craft balsamic handcrafted vinegar out of it.


Modules of medicinal plants

We want to enable the women of the organization to realize a project of production of medicinal plants with the help of an expert in medicinal plants and natural medicine.
We want to build a project of commercialization of medicinal plants, of shampoos, soaps and other products made of medicinal plants. In addition to that, we would like the natural medicine to become an option for the local population’s health, especially for the indigenous populations.



We are looking for an appropriate place where the consumers could enjoy an excellent cup of organic coffee.
We also would like to build a playing area where the children could play while their parents are enjoying the coffee or going on a tour through the different experimental parcels. We hope to be able to welcome you for a nice cup of coffee by October 2011.




APOT slideshow in the Finca

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